Arundell Carpets


Explore Our Exquisite Carpet Collections

Our collections embody our dedication to design and high quality workmanship.

At Arundell Carpets, we believe design and artwork are an integral part of the hand-tufting process. ‘Our design team go to great lengths to ensure each of our special designs are unique works of art that exude quality.

Each design, whether modern textural or complicated classical, differs according to the nature of the project and our team pay special attention to the fine details of each. The subtle shading of elements such as leaves and flower fronds is crucial for a high-end result and to achieve this we produce our original artwork by hand while being backed up by two computer-based artists and designers.

The difference is evident in all the designs featured in our collections – a gallery of exquisite artwork combined with skills and techniques passed down by generations of master craftsmen.

Classical Collection

  • Classic Collection 005
  • Classic Collection 055
  • Neoclassical Collection 002
  • Classical Traditional Collection 002
  • Classical Collection 072
Classic Collection 005

Contemporary Collection

  • Contemporary Collection 009
  • Contemporary Collection 022
  • Contemporary Collection 058
  • Contemporary Collection 079
  • Contemporary Collection 238

Floral Collection

  • Floral Collection 015
  • Floral Collection 037
  • Floral Collection 034
  • Floral Collection 016

Traditional Collection

  • Traditional Collection 082
  • Traditional Collection 004
  • Traditional Collection 084
  • Traditional Collection 071
  • Traditional Collection 083

Patterns Collection

  • Patterns 001
  • Patterns 002
  • Patterns 003
  • Patterns 004
  • Patterns 005